About us

Thank you for visiting, and for being curious about, Shots of Asia. We’re curious too, and our photographers explore every corner of Asia and documenting their explorations with photos.

Shots of Asia started in April of 2016. We are passionate about every beautiful secret place Asia has to offer and we want to share this with everybody. We support photographers from Latin America and people who travelled trough here and offer them a platform for their photos worldwide.

In our case, but we think it happens to everybody, people make great pictures and sometimes a lot of them, but they all end up on their hard disks or computers. We simply thought; why don’t we share them with others? And so this idea started.


The photographers of Shots of Asia spend much of their time traveling around Asia to the most intriguing, fascinating and picturesque places on earth. They create and capture photos that show stunning images of people, culture, history, and places that most only dream of seeing. The possibilities at Shots of Asia are therefore simple; you can easily join the team and start making your own online gallery with all your beautiful photos. You can choose to start showing, sharing and even selling them.


Our goal is to show together all the beautiful places of Asia. We have designed a unique Travelmap so the photos will appear at the exact location on the map of Asia. This gives people the opportunity to see at which places the pictures are taken.

The most popular places are well known on the internet but we are also looking for hidden places and who better than locals could know them.